The port of the Bay of Cadiz closes another historic year in terms of maritime traffic

January 17, 2023

The Port of the Bay of Cadiz closes another historic year and is in luck: 2022 has ended as the third year with the highest traffic in its long history.

Taking into account the global movement of goods in the port of the Bay of Cadiz has reached 5,718,284 tons in the past year 2022, making this the third year with the best figures since 1908. Only in 2006 and 2007, with 5.76 million and 7.1 million tons, respectively, did they exceed this figure.

In terms of percentages, these figures represent an increase in overall growth of 15.6 percent over 2021, with all parameters on the rise: bulk solids and liquids, victualling, road traffic, containers, fishing value and cruises; with the exception of general cargo and fresh fish only.

Breakdown of data by parameters:

  • The solid and liquid bulks have ended the year with 1.89 and 1.47 million tons respectively, the most notable increases, established at 44.87 and 36.22 percent each.
  • Despite a slight decline of 9% compared to 2021, the general merchandise, remains the group with the highest volume, with 2,192,794 tons moved. The assets that stand out in this section are: fruits and vegetables and other food products, with approximately 320 thousand and 303 thousand tons, respectively.
  • As for the provisioning, closed the year with an increase of 40%, with 146,753 tons. In this section, it is the water that stands out the most.
  • Regarding the fresh fish, the year 2022 ended with the downward trend of recent months, with a slight decrease of 8.8 percent and 13,453 tons of fish.
  • Observing the data referring to the form of transport, road traffic (roro) grew by 3.56%, with 775,133 tons; as did container traffic (lolo), which experienced a 2.85% increase in teus (184,282) and a 0.75% increase in the number of containers (98,604), although tons fell by 8% (1.57 million).
  • Finally, and as we have commented lately in this blog, the number of scale cruises accounted for over the course of 2022 reaches 301, compared to 137 in 2021 and 322 in 2019. Passengers have increased from 133,511 in December 2021 to 394,288, which also represents a positive and remarkable recovery compared to pre-pandemic figures.

These data are enlightening: the Port of the Bay of Cádiz has experienced a positive recovery and growth in most of the parameters studied.

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