Ship supply in Supply Chain: Latest Trends

February 9, 2024

Supply Chain ship sourcing is a key function in supply chain management, which consists of supplying ships with everything they need for their operation and the welfare of their crews.

However, this function has evolved from a reactive to a hybrid model, which combines the push and pull approach, and which benefits from new technologies to optimise demand management, visibility, forecasting and collaboration.

In this article, we explain which are the most important latest trends in supply chain ship supply and how they can help you improve your competitiveness and customer service.

What is ship supply in the supply chain and why is it important?

The supply of ships in the supply chain is the process of obtaining and delivering the necessary products and services for the operation of vessels, from food and beverages, to spare parts, fuel, sanitary materials, security equipment or cleaning services.

This function is essential for ensuring operability and efficiency of vessels, as well as for comply with international standards safety, health and environment.

In addition, supply chain procurement contributes to economic and social development of the territories where the ports are located, generating employment, income and business opportunities.

What changes and challenges does ship supply face in the supply chain?

Supply chain procurement is facing an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, marked by globalisation, digitalisation, sustainability and uncertainty.

These factors require greater adaptability and flexibility by ship supply companies, which must be prepared to respond to the needs of the international community following trends:

  • Visibility: is the priority requirement to ensure that operations run efficiently. Visibility enables every component of the supply chain to know what is happening at any other point at any time, facilitating the tracking, control and traceability of goods.

Visibility is also important to optimise supplier management and to be aware that their actions are aligned with corporate policies at all times, e.g. in relation to sustainability principles and other values of the company culture.

  • Forecast: advanced analytics allows you to gain the ability to anticipate. Business intelligence made it possible to give the first steps into the world of procurement-oriented forecasting, thanks to the study of the habits and behaviour of demand and suppliers, based on historical data.

Today, artificial intelligence and machine learning allow us to go further, analysing data in real time and generating predictive models that help optimise planning, inventory and resource allocation.

  • Collaboration: Collaborative planning is one of the keys to improving demand and supply management, as well as to increase customer satisfaction.

Collaboration involves sharing information and knowledge between the different actors in the supply chain, from suppliers to customers, transporters, logistics operators and customs authorities.

Collaboration also involves establishing mutual agreements and commitments, based on trust and shared benefit.

  • Digitisation: digital transformation is a determining factor for competitiveness and innovation in supply chain procurement.

The digitalisation involves the use of technologies such as the internet of things, blockchain, cloud computing, big data, robotics, 5G and edge computing, which make it possible to automate, integrate and optimise processes, reduce costs, improve quality and offer a more personalised and agile service to customers.

  • Sustainability: social and environmental responsibility is a trend that is gaining more and more weight in supply chain procurement, both due to consumer awareness and current regulations.

Sustainability involves take measures to reduce the environmental impact emissions from operations, such as the use of alternative fuels, waste recycling, route optimisation, emission reduction or carbon footprint offsetting.

How can we help you improve your supply chain procurement?

If you are in need of a supply chain ship supply service adapted to the latest trends, we invite you to contact us.

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  • A network of partners, which allows us to supply your vessel in any port in Spain and main EU ports, with maximum speed and efficiency.
  • A efficient logistics, which relies on new technologies to ensure visibility, foresight, collaboration and digitisation of operations, as well as compliance with safety, health and environmental standards.
  • A diversified product catalogue, which allows us to meet the demands of crews of any nationality, with quality products adapted to their preferences and needs.
  • A customer service, that offers you a personalised, professional and close attention, and who advises you and resolves your doubts at all times.

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