Origins of nautical charts

December 28, 2022

The origins of nautical charts emerged in ancient times as a way of documenting the location of ports other points of interest to navigators. These charts were based on direct observation and information gathered from other navigators, and were drawn by hand on parchment or wooden boards.

Over time, these charts evolved and became more accurate thanks to the development of new measuring techniques and the exchange of information between different countries.

As they became more detailed, they began to include features such as water depth, natural hazards and ocean currents.

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The rise of maritime exploration in the 15th and 16th centuries led to an increased demand for accurate nautical charts, which in turn spurred the development of scientific cartography.

Great navigators such as Christopher Columbus and Ferdinand Magellan contributed to the creation of new charts as they traveled the seas and discovered new territories.

Today, nautical charts remain an essential tool for navigators, although they are now based on the latest technology and accurate data collected by satellites and other means.

Although they have evolved greatly since their inception, they remain a reminder of the crucial role they have played in the history of navigation and exploration of the world.

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