We release new brand identity for Interseas’ 7th Anniversary

October 3, 2022

In this month we are in luck: Interseas celebrates seven years since its foundation.

After seven years of activity supplying all types of ships and maritime entities, we wanted to take a step forward in our company.

We live in an era where processes are automated faster and faster and immediacy becomes a fundamental value to offer an optimal, efficient and satisfactory service with respect to customer needs.

Digital presence is a must

That is why we decided to rethink the vision of our company and rethink the way our brand communicates with our audiences.

We started with a thorough review of our visual identity, adapting it to a whole series of changes that will be made in the company to improve its level of digitalization. We gave up on a complex brand identity that did not connect with its core audiences.

Instead, we propose a fresh, dynamic, simplified brand image. An identity that expresses much more about us: we try to satisfy our customers’ needs by optimizing processes and reducing delivery lead times.

A 21st century brand

But the paradigm shift did not only come with the change of visual identity. We worked on a new website, implemented a new accounting and management system to keep up with our evolution, created a communication and marketing department to better understand our audiences and planned a content strategy to dynamize the way Interseas interacts with people.

Evolution implies changes. We are starting a new stage full of changes from this moment on. A stage in which we bet even more on proximity and personal treatment.

All this without allowing digitalization and automation to make our treatment impersonal and distant from our audiences. Our goal will remain the same as it was seven years ago: to remain close to our customers and continue to grow hand in hand.

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